Six Steps to Stunning Engagement Session Outfits

April 5, 2020


You’ve picked a date. Booked your vendors. Pared down the invitation list.

You’re counting down the days until your wedding. But first, its time for engagement photos!

Engagement photos are such an important part of the wedding experience. It’s your first opportunity to be in front of the camera. Your opportunity to become a pro before the wedding day even happens! And best of all, a chance to get photos that will document an incredibly exciting season of your life!

But, what are you supposed to wear!? Here are some tips and tricks that I have learned over the years!

1. Coordinate with each other, but don’t be too matchy! You don’t want to clash with your partner, but you also don’t both want to be wearing white tops and denim bottoms (or else, you may end up looking like you are in the 90’s or wearing a uniform).

2. Stick with more neutral/muted colors. (White, Black, Tan, Black, Navy, Olive, Mustard, Maroon, etc.) Neutrals allow the images to feel cleaner overall and for the focus to ultimately be on you! This doesn’t mean that you can’t wear any color at all, but I recommend focusing on more muted colors and avoiding anything overly bright or neon.

3. Patterns can bring a fun element to your photos and allow for you to showcase some of your personality! However, I recommend being intentional with patterns that you incorporate. If one partner is wearing a pattern (or something overly colorful), it would be best for the other person to stick with a more neutral outfit so that you aren’t competing with one another! I also recommend staying away from any patterns that are overly busy as they can distract from the overall image.

4. Most couples bring two outfits along for their session. One outfit that is dressier, and one that is more casual. This helps add variety to your final gallery! The outfits that you bring are completely up to you, but I do like to recommend ladies wear a flowy dress or skirt for one outfit – it adds whimsical feel to your photos!

5. Bring shoes that you can move in or don’t mind getting dirty! Depending on the location/season/weather there might be dirt or mud in the best place to shoot. I never want to do anything that would get dirt on my couple’s shoes (especially new ones that you bought to perfectly match your engagement outfit!) So, if you are wearing brand new shoes or shows that can get easily dirty, pack an extra pair – just in case!

6. Wear something that you are comfortable in! You want to be able to move, and you also want to feel like you! Don’t wear an outfit that makes you feel like you aren’t being yourself – it will make it difficult to relax during your session and you won’t be completely happy with the final product. I can’t stress this point enough – be yourself! (But maybe a little more dressed up version of yourself – graphic t’s and yoga pants probably aren’t best )

BONUS TIP! Schedule your hair and make-up trial-runs for the morning of your session. There is something about professional hair and makeup that makes photos all the better!

Click here to see a Pinterest board of engagement outfit inspiration that I put together!

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