Michelle & Corey : A Kelly’s Run Engagement Session

March 10, 2021


About a year ago I did a couple’s session for Michelle and Corey. It was so fun, despite the freezing temperatures! They weren’t engaged at the time, but when they posted the photos, some people thought that they were engagement photos!
Fast forward one year, and we just had another session. It was still freezing, but this time Michelle and Corey were engaged!

And in just a little more than 4 months, I will get to capture them again – but this time it will be warm and they’ll be getting married! I absolutely adore how this job allows me to capture the different seasons of people’s lives. It’s truly the best!


explore weddings

… for how you felt and not for how you were posed
…for the joy of saying I do, and not for the stress of wedding planning
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Your wedding will bring some of the most transformational moments of your life, moments so important that they can never be recreated…

But they can be relived in exquisite detail.

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